Top 10 Restaurants

The Top 10 Restaurants in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Culture Trip
January 2021

Carolina Roadhouse makes food fun with its generous portion sizes, comfort food dishes, and creative drinks menu. Its speciality dish is the ‘Killer Dog,’ a grilled foot-long hotdog piled high with French fries, homemade chili and cheese. The decor is similarly exuberant, and the open kitchen allows diners a peek behind the scenes. The main feature is the wraparound bar, and numerous tables clustered around a towering palm tree.

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top 10 restaurants

Best of Myrtle Beach

Beachies16_900_300_s 12/2016

Best Salad
Best BBQ
Best Restaurant #2

“…earning it a reputation as a favorite among tourists and locals for many years running. Need proof? Check out the lengthy lines out front during peak season.”

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Our Favorite Dishes in the Carolinas

SPG Weekend Channel, 9/2017

No trip to the South is complete without experiencing the food. Local favorites might change from one region to the next but all Southern food has one thing in common: It’s delicious! Explore these eight dishes for a true taste of the Carolinas.

Myrtle Beach, SC | Carolina Roadhouse’s “Killer Dog”

A hot dog and chili fries go together like sand and surf. Carolina Roadhouse serves up a foot-long
kosher hot dog that tastes like it just came off the backyard grill. Order a side of fries topped
with chili, cheese and onions to share.

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Carolina Roadhouse + New York Prime-32

Best Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Travel Channel, 8/2015

Best Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

#1: Carolina Roadhouse

“Golf Magazine calls the Killer Dog at Carolina Roadhouse “a true ‘guy thing’ classic,” seeing as you’ll need a knife and fork to take down the foot-long kosher dog covered with a giant mount of french fries, homemade chili, cheese and onions. Expect big flavors – and portion sizes – whether you’re craving a rack of ribs or fresh seafood. From the basket of sweet croissants to the main course, no one in your group should leave hungry.”

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